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Monday, February 7, 2011

Swimsuit collection

Just my swimsuits and bikinis. Thought it would be a great collection to share in the summertime.

Most of the bikinis are from H&M and most of the swimsuit are from arena and maru.

Caffe Swimwear's elegant and jetset swimwear collection for 2011

Designed for jetset women who want to look good while traveling everywhere from London to St. Tropez to Dubai, Caffe Swimwear brings a luminous optimism to swimwear. Designer Paula Saavedra tells about her latest elite, getaway looks.

Miami Fashion Week - Day 3 Swimwear Collection Highlights

The most talked about the sexiest swimwear fashion show, taking place in Miami.

Swimsuit Collection - Highly Requested

Here is some of my swimsuit collection- enjoy!

Betsey Johnson's Flirty Swimwear Collection

Designer Betsey Johnson has been charming the fashion world for decades with her fun and whimsical designs. This season's flirty swimwear collection is tailored for the woman who is young at heart.

Swimsuit Collection

Amaya Swimwear Collection

Amaya Swimwear Collection! A3 Fashion TV is part of A3 Network, a group of online TV channels that reflect the modern lifestyle featuring Nightlife, Clubs, DJs, How-Tos, Music Video, Style, Art, Fashion, Travel, Bikini Girls, Film and Sexy Pool Parties. Whatever the flavor, the most exciting videos on Youtube! Original A3 Network content is produced by